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COMPASS publications

Monday 30 May 2016, by Damien Gratadour

Below a list of publications on the COMPASS platform and on research led using the platform.

Refereed publications

[1] H. Ltaief, D. Gratadour, A. Charara and E. Gendron, "Adaptive Optics Simulation for the World’s Largest Telescope on Multicore Architectures with Multiple GPUs". In : ACM PASC ’16 (to be published 2016)

[2] Clénet, Y.; Gendron, E.; Gratadour, D.; Rousset, G.; Vidal, F., "Anisoplanatism effect on the E-ELT SCAO point spread function. A preserved coherent core across the field". Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 583, id.A102, 10 pp. (2015)

[3] A. Charara, H. Ltaief, D. Gratadour, D. Keyes, A. Sevin, A. Abdelfattah, E. Gendron, C. Morel, and F. Vidal. "Pipelining computational stages of the tomographic reconstructor for multi-object adaptive optics on a multi-gpu system". In High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, SC14 : International Conference for, pages 262–273, Nov (2014)

International conferences

[4] Gratadour, D.; Puech, M.; Vérinaud, C.; Kestener, P.; Gray, M.; Petit, C.; Brulé, J.; Clénet, Y.; Ferreira, F.; Gendron, E.; Lainé, M.; Sevin, A.; Rousset, G.; Hammer, F.; Jégouzo, I.; Paillous, Michele; Taburet, S.; Yang, Y.; Beuzit, J.-L.; Carlotti, A.; Westphal, M.; Epinat, B.; Ferrari, M.; Gautrais, T.; Lambert, J. C.; Neichel, B.; Rodionov, S., "COMPASS: an efficient, scalable and versatile numerical platform for the development of ELT AO systems", Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 9148, id. 91486O 8 pp. (2014) ADS

[5] Disseau, Karen; Puech, Mathieu; Flores, Hector; Hammer, François; Yang, Yanbin; Pentericci, Laura, "Simulations of high-z galaxy observations with an ELT-MOS", Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 9147, id. 914791 14 (2014) ADS

[6] Carlotti, Alexis; Vérinaud, Christophe; Gratadour, Damien; Westphal, Mathieu; Beuzit, Jean-Luc, "Modelization of a pyramid wavefront sensor for the E-ELT in the context of the COMPASS project", Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 9148, id. 91486R 9 pp. (2014) ADS

[7] Gendron, É.; Charara, A.; Abdelfattah, A.; Gratadour, D.; Keyes, D.; Ltaief, H.; Morel, C.; Vidal, F.; Sevin, A.; Rousset, G., "A novel fast and accurate pseudo-analytical simulation approach for MOAO", Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 9148, id. 91486L 13 pp. (2014) ADS

[8] Vidal, F.; Gendron, E.; Clénet, Y.; Gratadour, D.; Rousset, G.; Davies, R., "Adaptive optics simulations for the MICADO SCAO system", Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 9148, id. 91486I 14 pp. (2014), ADS

[9] Baudoz, Pierre; Boccaletti, Anthony; Lacour, Sylvestre; Galicher, Raphaël.; Clénet, Yann; Gratadour, Damien; Gendron, Éric; Buey, Tristan; Rousset, Gérard; Hartl, Michael; Davies, Richard, "The high contrast imaging modes of MICADO", Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 9147, id. 91479E 8 pp. (2014) ADS

[10] Sevin, A.; Perret, D.; Gratadour, D.; Lainé, M.; Brulé, J.; Le Ruyet, B., "Enabling technologies for GPU driven adaptive optics real-time control", Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 9148, id. 91482G 9 pp. (2014) ADS

[11] Puech, M.; Rodrigues, M.; Yang, Y.; Flores, H.; Royer, F.; Disseau, K.; Gonçalves, T.; Hammer, F.; Cirasuolo, M.; Evans, C. J.; Li Causi, G.; Maiolino, R.; Melo, C., "Sky background subtraction with fiber-fed spectrographs", Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 9147, id. 91476L 7 (2014) ADS

[12] A. Abdelfattah, E. Gendron, D. Gratadour, D. Keyes, H. Ltaief, A. Sevin, and F. Vidal, "High Performance Pseudo-analytical Simulation of Multi-object Adaptive Optics over Multi-GPU Systems". Euro-Par conference 2014 on Parallel Processing, pp. 704–715 (2014)

[13] Gratadour, Damien; Sevin, Arnaud; Perret, Denis; Brule, Julien, "Building a reliable, scalable and affordable RTC for AO instruments on ELTs", Proceedings of the Third AO4ELT Conference. Firenze, Italy, May 26-31, 2013 ADS

[14] Clenet, Yann; Gratadour, Damien; Gendron, Eric; Rousset, Gérard; Sevin, Arnaud, "First GPU-based end-to-end AO simulations to dimension the E-ELT MICADO SCAO mode", Proceedings of the Third AO4ELT Conference. Firenze, Italy, May 26-31, 2013 ADS

[15] Disseau, K.; Puech, M.; Yang, Y. B.; Flores, H.; Hammer, F.; Pentericci, L., "Web-based scientific simulation tools for E-ELT instruments", Proceedings of the Annual meeting of the French Society of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2013 ADS